Wastewater treatment in Wegberg

As happening in the most processing steps there is also wastewater accruing inside the production of A+B Hides in Wegberg. This accrues mainly from cleaning processes.

This wastewater is treated mechanically and with a downstreamed flotation in order to be cleaned. During this process most of the organic extraneous matters are taken out. The cleaned wastewater can be compared with normal domestic wastewater and flows into the public canalisation.


Leather Naturall membership

Since March 2018 A+B Hides is a member of the Leather Naturally Initiative.

Leather Naturally has a clear mission: It is supporting the use of worldwide and sustainably produced leather and wants to inspire and inform designers and consumers about the beauty, quality and versatileness of leather.

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APLF – International Leather Fair in Hong Kong

Hall 1, stand 1B-B10

This year we were happy to welcome again many customers and business partners on our booth.

One of our annual highlights – the German coffee – is not only trade talk but also pull factor for a visit of our booth.



Image movie “Pro Leather”

The image movie “Pro Leather” has been developed by a group of committed companies of which A+B Hides GmbH & Co. KG is a member. The movie shows that a responsible-minded tannery treats leather as a natural resource with care and that this can happen hand in hand with corporate responsibility. Still too many consumers do not know that the cattle hide as source for leather is a by-product of the meat industry and that a hide can only become a high-end finished leather when the animal has been treated well.


BOUVINO® „PURE NATURE“ – always a unique print

Pure-Nature, the new Bouvino desk collection is enhancing our successful classic line in a new timeless design.

Sustainable leathers from organically grown animals

Vegetable tanned

Finest handwork

Noble, timeless design


BOUVINO® a trademark of  A+B HIDES GmbH & Co KG.

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Exhibition dates

Currently there are no future trade fair dates.