Franz Aengenheyster EK


Franz Aengenheyster EK is founded by Franz Aengenheyster.

He begins his craftmansship with a warehouse in the center of Geldern Kapellen, next to his parents’ house.


For logistic reasons, Franz Aengenheyster moves his company and establishes a bigger and more modern facility outside Kapellen on Vorsumer Weg.

Over the years the company evolves into a reliable and powerful partner for the German and international leather-industry.

Since 1969 his wife Helenecontributes her services in the company´s administration.

From boyhood on, their son Marc is involved in the hide trading company.


Marc Aengenheyster takes over the management of the company while his father gradually retires from business.

Toni Baltes GmbH & Co KG


Master butcher Toni Baltes senior (deceased April 09, 1994) founds the company Toni Baltes – Hides and Furs.

Operating mainly in the Rhine-region, he collects and buys fresh cattle hides, conserves and prepares them and sells them to the German leather industry.

In the same year he builds a warehouse for conservation and preparation of animal hides and furs (mainly cattle hides) in the commercial area of Wegberg, „In Berg”.

Since 1952 his wife Aenneparticipates actively in the hide trading company.


Their sons Karl Josef und Toni (junior) join the parental business and together they found the Hide Trading Company Toni Baltes GmbH & Co KG.


They establish a branch office in Eisenhüttenstadt, eastern Germany. This represents the cornerstone for entering the eastern European market.

A + B Hides

1st May 2006

In order to meet the demands of the changing international market, Franz Aengenheyster EK and Hide Trading Company Toni Baltes merge into
A+B Hides GmbH & Co KG.

28th July 2011


The Hides Service GmbH is a joint venture of Vion Ingredients Germany GmbH and A + B Hides GmbH & Co. KG, which collects, processes and stores the fresh produce of the Vion-Nordplätze as a contract processing plant at the location in Wegberg.


1st August 2018

After many years of trusting and successful cooperation A + B Hides GmbH & Co. KG is part of the OSI Group. This step ensures our customers a constant, high-quality and sustainable supply of raw materials.

OSI FOODWORKS EUROPE GmbH & A + B Hides GmbH & Co. KG – Perfect Partners.

18th December 2019

Vion Ingredients Germany GmbH transfers their shares to A+B HIDES GmbH & Co. KG, who is now the single shareholder of Hide Service GmbH